Project Title: b efficient
Client: Sixty40/Explainers
Format: 3 x 1:30  web videos
Description: Working as part of the Sixty40/Explainers team I was responsible for design of elements, 2d animation, 3d modeling, texturing, 3d animation,  Compositing and character animation.

Do Summer

Project Title: Do Summer
Client: McDonalds
Agency: CH7/Red Engine
Production: Sixty40
Format: 2 x 10sec TVC’s
Description: Responsible for animating existing 3d assets, rendering, tracking, Comping.

Virgin Australia – InFlight Safety Video

Project Title: Virgin Australia Inflight Safety Video 2011
Client: Hackett Films
Format: 1 x 5 min presentation
Description: Responsible for updating existing safety video with new uniforms and new branding. Small amount of lip synch and animation required as well as some minor colour correction to environments. Worked with two other 3d people in a supervisory role. Responsible for the final comp and edit.

NIB Simple

Project Title: NIB 2010 TVC’s
Client: Hackett Films
Agency: Belgiovanne Williams MacKay
Format: 2 x 30 sec tvc
Description: I was jointly responsible for modelling,rigging, texturing, animating and rendering. Working with Designers and one 3d guy from Hackett films who did all the composting and design.